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180 Lake Rd, Port Macquarie NSW (next door to Spotlight)

Top Quality Strength Equipment

Your Life is well known for keeping up with the latest and greatest equipment and that of course includes our strength equipment. 

Our Life Fitness & Hammer Strength machines range from pin loaded to plate loaded giving you a huge variety for beginner to advanced workouts. We have recently added QR codes to our machines so you can instantly view instructional videos on your phone! 

To increase your strength variety even more, we have recently added additional brands to our gym floor including the very popular Booty Builder Platinum; the original hip thrust machine.

All of our reception staff are qualified trainers, so feel free to grab us next time you are in if you need some extra guidance. All members are also offered a FREE one hour program session with one of our qualified Personal Trainers to set up a personalised strength program based on your individual needs & goals. See reception next time you visit the centre to book yours in!