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180 Lake Rd, Port Macquarie NSW (next door to Spotlight)

The Exclusive 360X Group Training

It’s a new system for personal training. Synrgy360™ combines several popular total-body, dynamic exercises into a system that helps personal trainers more effectively train individuals and groups, giving users fun, unlimited ways to exercise. This system helps create a personal training focal point to facilitate individual personal training and small group training.  Synrgy360 includes accessories, flooring and training materials together in one complete solution.

Synrgy360 can facilitate eight of the top 20 trends highlighted in the 2012 annual American College of Sports Medicine survey of fitness trends, including functional fitness, strength training, exercise and weight loss, personal training, core training, group personal training, boot camp and sport-specific training.

How do I get involved?
Jump into one of our “360X Boxing CT Classes” on our time table or find out from reception when 30 minute PT Sessions are being held next.